The First Ten Chapters In Reasonable Shape

Hi Everyone, apologies for not posting for several days, its been rather hectic here with book events planning and the setting up of distribution lines, which have been promising but not yet cemented. I have still been writing 2000 words a day (honest!), but I often finish late at night, by which time I’ve run out of steam and the blog suffers. Hands up – guilty as tried! The good news is that the early draft has sufficient word count and action to go to the next stage – the polishing and honing of the work. I am pleased with developments, and the action, and the pace, but there’s still one hell of a way to go til its ready for stage one edit. I have also decided that from now on, this blog will be free of any clues and giveaways as to the action in book two, as I don’t want to spoil the story at all. I’d like to end by mentioning that tomorrow Thursday 7th March is World Book day. Bookshops around the world will be holding events, and working with schools, colleges etc, to again promote the wonders of books in all shapes and forms. So please checkout It’s a wonderful global event, that always inspires people of all ages. Catch up again tomorrow, take care, and go on – treat yourself to a book, you deserve it! All the best, Dominic

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