Dead Men Still Alive & Writing…

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you well? Apologies it’s been so long. I’ve been working hard on the marketing campaign to hopefully give the sales of Dead Men a boost. It’s almost ready to go live, and cross-fingers it will raise the profile. Someone once said that writing and publishing a book is like a triathlon. Phase 1) writing it; phase 2) bringing it to market (eg editing, typesetting, cover design etc). And 3) advertising & marketing. Phases 1 and 2 took so much time and effort that I rather overlooked phase 3, resulting in okay but not large sales, which all us writers dream of. I have struggled to attain the breadth of exposure that only a full-on campaign can (hopefully) give. I can’t afford billboard posters or bus advert space, but what I have planned will hopefully be even more engaging. Watch this space. I’m back on the blog now, and apologies again for my silence. Have a lovely day, and look forward to catching up tomorrow. Best wishes, Dominic

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