Dead Men Back in Print (Well, Almost…)

Who is Bristo Trabant? I hope you can all remember. The rather large-eared, apfelstrudel munching, Trabant P601-driving rookie recruit of MI6’s Priority Surveillance Unit. After such an unforgettable arrival in Cannes, I never envisaged the second print run, not to mention the second book, taking such a long time to come to fruition. Indeed they are still not ready, and Bristo is busting at the seams to get out to a wider audience, now in both print and eBook. I assure you that both are hot in production, and whilst the countdown continues, I wanted to take the opportunity to again thank you for your patience, support and encouragement. I look forward to sharing with you the relaunch, from which point it will be go, go, go with an exciting marketing campaign. Meantime, keep well and spread the word about Bristo’s debut mission. As we know, he’ll need all the help he can get! Best wishes Dominic

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