And now – phase two…

Hi All, I hope this posting finds you well. I’m delighted to say my daily writing target of 2,000 words has achieved the aim and finally, after two and a bit months, produced the beginning-to-end story and plot. It’s by no means the finished article. It still needs a huge amount of work, endless polishing, tweaking and tightening, but the essence is there, and the key points, emotions and structure are set. Needless to say, I’m immensely pleased. Now comes the next stage, the daily polish and attention to detail, that will hopefully take it another step closer to being the edgy, fast-paced thriller I want it to be. The manuscript will go in for its first-stage edit on May 1st, which I am really excited about. In the meantime, there’s the no small matter of still promoting/pushing the first book, which I’m delighted to say is receiving good reviews and feedback. Lots to do, a huge amount still to learn, and loving every moment. Hope alls good and that you have nice weekends planned. Bye for now, Dominic

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