Paws For Thought…

Hi Everyone. I hope you are all well. Just completed today’s 2000 word writing target, and the subject – dog sledding. Now this was an interesting one as I’ve never done it (not much need in South East London), and have never even been acquainted with a husky, so have zero knowledge of the fundamentals, except that sled dogs can go where motorised vehicles cannot due to their lighter weight, and that they can also test the strength of the ice cap ahead with their paws. Very impressive. I also know that they live to work and are pack dogs, so they won’t curl up next to you on the sofa while you’re watching the footie. Beyond that, I’m stuck, well almost. So, I contacted Jessica, my friend in Canada, and within a few minutes I not only had about three or four website recommendations, but also the email address of a top musher (dog sledder as they’re called) in Canada. Cheers Jess! I was then able to get to grips with the basics of harnessing up the dogs, where the strongest and smartest would be placed in the relevant formation, and how to start and stop the team. Fascinating! And I found a couple of great You Tube videos, complete with a howling dog chorus as they made their way out into the great beyond. That’s one of the things I love about writing, the introduction to new things and topics, to people from walks of life I just wouldn’t otherwise encounter, and also the warmth and willingness of people I’ve met along the way who are incrediblly generous with their time, and willing to help my latest project. Thank you all! The scenes I wrote are sketchy to be honest, though I am now fortunate to have a dog-sledding proofreader on standby to double check detail. So yes, its been a day of great discovery. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Best wishes and catch up then. Dominic

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