Out On The Road…

THURSDAY 7TH FEB 2013 has been an afternoon of driving (well, my friend at the wheel) and peering out car windows, taking notes of landmarks, timings, routes, for an action sequence that starts on the South Bank, London, then ends up heading out of London on the A40. Sitting at home at the keyboard, one can only imagine so much. But being out there on the road, I felt I really picked up on some useful detail which will hopefully bring the scene to life. Let’s hope it was worth the afternoon off my day job, the one that’s supposed to pay the bills, and the one I appreciate is often neglected as I strive to keep writing. As for the Daily Blog Challenge, well I’m still achieving (just about) the 2000 word a day target. And now coupled with even more words and relentless editting, book 2 is slowly taking shape. Hope you’re all well and having a good day. I’m off now to write up these notes. Until tomorrow… Dominic

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