Mon 28 Jan 2013 Daily Blog Challenge Completed!

Yep, hit the target today, but hands-up I didn’t write over the weekend, which in hindsight is probably a good thing, to maintain one’s sanity and the ever-so important distance from one’s work. And it worked, back this morning revitalized, and managed the 2000 words by 11.37am-ish, sitting outside Cafe Rouge opposite the fab Riverside Bookshop (Hay’s Galleria, London Bridge whom I’m delighted to announce has agreed to stock Dead Men Should Know Better. Myself, Bristo and the gang are over the moon. Tomorrow’s target: write up the next phase of the journey: Winnipeg to L.A. Never been to City of Angels before so will look forward to that. Ok, the microwave’s just ‘dinged’ so that’s my cue. Have a great evening, thanks for reading and more tomorrow. All best, Dom

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