Day 8 Completed – Honest. Now for day Nine…

Bonjour! I did do 2000 words yesterday – honest! I just got home late, Match of the Day was literally starting on BBC1, and then the midnight hour was upon me and t’was too late to post. Yesterday’s writing went well (I think/hope). Concentrated on the bullet points of action in L.A. but again I’m conscious of not knowing the terrain, vibe and feeling of the streets. I must get out there. Today is all about fleshing-out the work of yesterday, and inserting those key trigger points to (I hope) make the storyline gripping. So who knows where today’s creativity will lead? Only my fingers, keyboard and imagination can decide. That’s the thing I love about writing, how it broadens the mind and takes me down paths I probably wouldn’t otherwise discover. So where was I last night? At the wonderful Bishopsgate Institute ( – check it out, its an awesome place, resource) for the launch of a book entitled Tales from the Two Puddings – about a guy named Eddie Johnson who owned and ran the above-named pub in Stratford for nigh-on 40 years. A wonderful look back to 1960s East End London and its characters (locals, dockers, actors, villains, boxers, gangsters) and yes, many brilliant tales. I love London, always have, always will, and last night had the pleasure of the company of a real London character. Thanks Eddie for a great night. Wish I could go to the Two Puddings now for a pint (well, its 09.51, so a tad early) but alas – The Puddings is no more. It’s now a Latino bar. How times change, but the memories will always remain. So, back to work for me, and I wish you all a great day. Thanks for reading, and I will post again later when today’s work is done. Bye for now, Dom ps you can follow me on twitter too if you want @DominicCanty

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