Daily Blog Challenge Still Going!

MONDAY 4TH FEB 2013 – with the musical assistance of Chris Cornell and Audioslave (thanks chaps) and numerous coffees, my writing day started at 3.30am. Ouch! Was productive, but it also brought a stark realisation that I need to further-increase my daily word count or I just won’t have the draft ready for stage-one edit on March 18. Yikes! The upside is that writing with increased urgency will hopefully flavour the plot with the same nervy edge. We’ll see! So blog-readers who are following my progress, I need you more than ever! I do want Book 2 to be a real barnstopper/show-stopper. Whilst I aim for it to be funny and entertaining, it also pulls no punches. It’s flat-out, 1000 mph espionage at its most edgy. Anyway, that’s the plan! Time management is everything. Anyhows, I finished today’s 2000 word target about an hour ago, so I’ll sign off now, eat, shower, chill and crack on again tomorrow. Hope you’ve all had a good day, and I look forward to catching up tomorrow. All the best, Dom PS Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @ DominicCanty, and sign up for the e-newsletter on www.dominiccanty.com Adios for now

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