Day Five Completed – Just in Time

Just made it! Fortunately I wrote 1450ish words this morning before leaving for work, and just finished the remaining 550 after getting home, eating then falling asleep on sofa (catching-up from the week perhaps) The dreaded flu is trying to gain control of my body, but it will not succeed! So, today’s subject – Winnipeg, and events from there. First of all, I planned out in bullet-point form the flow and where I needed to end up. I then wrote in the detail, including a few new ideas that came to me whilst my fingers were in full flow. These are often the best to harness, especially when writing fast-paced action scenes. Back to the location, I hate writing about a place I’ve not been to. I always worry at the prospect of someone from Winnipeg reading my work and cringing at the inaccuracies. Positive feedback from Dead Men Should Know Better’s Panama and Vienna sections confirmed that at least my extensive research in both places had seemed to pay off. And so the moral to the story is: Dom, get on a plane. Back to this blog, well that’s me done today. Thank you very much for following, and for sharing this challenge which is an extra-incentive to make sure I meet the daily deadlines. Result: I’ve written 10,000 words this week, and have an outline developing which I’m very pleased with. And thank you to all now following me on Twitter. @DominicCanty I appreciate your interest. More posts to follow tomorrow and Sunday. Caio for now, and have a great weekend. Best regards Dom

Day Four – Daily Blog Challenge! Winnipeg to Churchill

Hi All! After watching last night’s BBC Africa prog with the Great Whites, it was all I could do today NOT to write a scene about sharks. For those who know me, you know I’m a HUGE fan. But ever the professional (hmmm… ) I stuck to schedule and continued with Winnipeg, Manitoba scenes. And to my relief, the need for animals wasn’t far away. Soon began writing about a sled-dog team, of which I know NOTHING! Any UK dog sleeders (or mushers as I believe they’re known) out there? Passed the 2000 word mimimum at about 6pm. Ended up doing, er… hang on a mo… 2342 words! Have rediscovered the magic writing formula: just keep typing, let the ideas flow, whilst accompanied by music relevant to the location. Then, have a packet of chocolate digestive biccies handy, washed down with endless tea AND angel cake. Its like a secret nutritional recipe – just not so secret anymore. If only it were that simple! Enjoy your eve, thanks for reading and see you tomorrow. All the best, Dominic ps look out for a new page on the website Should be live soon

Day Three – Target Achieved…just!

Hi All! 2000 words completed about five minues ago, all in one sitting, rather than y’day’s 3 sessions. So now have the action planned and written-out from Westminster, London to Churchill, Manitoba. Its still in need of more work, editting (as always) plus background. Really need to get out to Canada, but my bank account just burst out laughing. Hmmm… Chapter one is the focus for tomorrow: Oxo Tower, London – opening scene, action in another glitzy environment. Went there recently to soak up the ambience. Its a great place, with stunning river view, metro-skyline – perfect for the beginnings of an international espionage thriller sequel? I hope so. Am really looking forward to the second installment of Bristo Trabant being on the shelves in November 2013. Meanwhile, back in the world of my blog, how are you enjoying it? Any questions or aspects of my writing plans you’d like featured? Or any questions at all? Thanks again for following. Please do keep reading, and please tell all your friends. It’s wonderful to be making contact with so many people, and many so far away. More tomorrow. Have a good evening Cheers, Dominic

Day Two of Daily Blog Challenge

Tuesday Jan 22nd 2013 – Day two’s target achieved – 2,000 words, but it took 3 shifts: 4.30-5.30am; then lunch-break in Pret A Manger, Covent Garden 1-2pm; then back home at 4-5pm. Whilst still unpolished, Chapter one is now more pacy, and the ideas gelled together ok. Chapter two has same pace, with car action weaving through the streets of Westminster. Chapter three takes us to RAF Northolt then onto a plane to Winnipeg, Canada, then up to Churchill on the Hudson Bay. One day i’ll write a book set in south-east London, in fact maybe in my flat, to save on travel costs for research! It’s minus 22 in Churchill today. Yikes! Before I head out the door I’m going to plan tomorrow’s schedule a bit more, to be ready for my rendezvous back at my pc at 4.30am. Hope you’ve all had a good day. Bye for now, Dominic ps for those unfamiliar with book one, please visit for an insight

Daily Blog Challenge – Day One Completed

Hi All! Day One of Blog Challenge completed. Hit the 2000 word target for book two at about 19.21pm, then planned out chapters one to three. I now have a better understanding of what action needs to happen where, to hopefully maximize the impact. I want Dead Men two to be grittier, as the surviving characters in book one have been through the ringer and come out the other side tougher and wiser. (to find out more about the story so far, go to Earlier today I was asked: where do I start when planning a book. Well, once I have cross-examined an idea, I work out the drama, the dramatic twist, and the resolution – be it good or bad. That has to be done before the physical writing to ensure the timeline synchs properly. I then decide how I would like the actual end product to look, as in thickness, dimensions, word count, and then divide that word count (Dead Men two is planned to be 85,00 words) into equal-sized chapters, plus epilogue. This will hopefully ensure it looks its best on the bookshelves. But as with Dead men one, the energy of the story just took over and trampled all over my plans. However, the creative process must allow for flexibility to harness bolts of inspiration when they hopefully arrive. Day two’s plan: more character profiles and 2,00 words for the scenes in Churchill, sub-Arctic Canada. Plan right now: grab that bottle of San Miguel from the fridge and eat the spaghetti carbonara that’s just ‘dinged’ in the microwave. Catch up again tomorrow. Thanks for reading

Dead Men 2 – Daily Blog Challenge!

Hello! From tomorrow, the next creative stage of Dead Men 2 (the sequel – to be published Nov 2013) begins. After exbegins tensive planning and research, it’s time to set the alarm clock earlier, wipe those bleary eyes, put on the coffee and get working at my pc to write a minimum of 2,000 words a day (gulp!) And this time I’ll be keeping a blog, to share my experiences as the storyline (hopefully) comes together. Would be great if you’d like to follow this blog & literary journey, plus share any thoughts you have too. Thanks Dominic

After last week’s book launch …

After last week’s book launch, I would again like to thank everyone for your interest, and for attending. Thank you again also to my wonderful creative collaborators for bringing this project to life. I’ve nearly sold out the first book run, which is excellent, and the feedback for the book is great. Catch up again soon.

Best wishes, Dominic


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