My first day at sea

Hi All, Sorry this has taken an age. Took me longer to adjust to the daily schedule than I anticipated. Anyhow, here’s the first posting that went on the Apex Shark Expeditions website, aka the guys I work for 🙂 Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. More tomorrow… promise 🙂 Best wishes from South Africa Dom

A Leisurely Day in Simon’s Town

My first day at sea will now be on Sunday, after today’s trip was cancelled due to bad weather. Still, I know the sharks are about after being awoken to the shark sirens wailing at 8.30am-ish this morning, across the bay at Fish Hoek. So I took the opportunity to wander around Simon’s Town a bit more. Here’s the sign on the jetty and the historic main road. Simonstown Resized Simon's Town High Street Resized Simon’s Town was founded in 1680 by Simon van der Stel, the first governor of the Cape Colony established by the Dutch. For the past two centuries its been a naval base, at first for the British Royal Navy, and now of the South African Navy. I first came here in 2008 to finally meet the Great White Shark, and the place always struck me as friendly though quite quiet. Eight years later it seems much busier, with lot’s more shops and restaurants whilst retaining its friendly manner. The jetty pictured is a hub of activity (not least for the occasional visit of a Cape Fur Seal) Cape Fur Seal Resized where numerous shark and whale watching excursions depart from. Jetty Resized 2 Beyond the harbour jetty lies the open False Bay, and due east lies Seal Island where the Great Whites will be. Can’t wait. Beyond The Jetty Resized Until then, I bid you all a lovely evening. Off to watch the footie now…

Join Me in Cape Town for Great White Shark Season!

Greetings All from sunny Cape Town. I arrived here yesterday for White Shark season, to volunteer as crew on Chris & Monique Fallows’ boat which runs shark spotting and cage diving trips from Simon’s Town on the Western Cape. I’m also here to put the finishing touches to the re-launch of my first novel – Dead Men Should Know Better. Each day I’ll be blogging about our experiences out on the boat, the sharks we encounter and my time in beautiful Cape Town. I’ll also be posting updates on the manuscript and build up to launch date on Oct 27 2016. Be great if you could join me.

20160609_085037 Best wishes from South Africa. Have a lovely day. bookcards

Dead Men Back in Print (Well, Almost…)

Who is Bristo Trabant? I hope you can all remember. The rather large-eared, apfelstrudel munching, Trabant P601-driving rookie recruit of MI6’s Priority Surveillance Unit. After such an unforgettable arrival in Cannes, I never envisaged the second print run, not to mention the second book, taking such a long time to come to fruition. Indeed they are still not ready, and Bristo is busting at the seams to get out to a wider audience, now in both print and eBook. I assure you that both are hot in production, and whilst the countdown continues, I wanted to take the opportunity to again thank you for your patience, support and encouragement. I look forward to sharing with you the relaunch, from which point it will be go, go, go with an exciting marketing campaign. Meantime, keep well and spread the word about Bristo’s debut mission. As we know, he’ll need all the help he can get! Best wishes Dominic

Dead Men Still Alive & Writing…

Hello everyone. I hope this post finds you well? Apologies it’s been so long. I’ve been working hard on the marketing campaign to hopefully give the sales of Dead Men a boost. It’s almost ready to go live, and cross-fingers it will raise the profile. Someone once said that writing and publishing a book is like a triathlon. Phase 1) writing it; phase 2) bringing it to market (eg editing, typesetting, cover design etc). And 3) advertising & marketing. Phases 1 and 2 took so much time and effort that I rather overlooked phase 3, resulting in okay but not large sales, which all us writers dream of. I have struggled to attain the breadth of exposure that only a full-on campaign can (hopefully) give. I can’t afford billboard posters or bus advert space, but what I have planned will hopefully be even more engaging. Watch this space. I’m back on the blog now, and apologies again for my silence. Have a lovely day, and look forward to catching up tomorrow. Best wishes, Dominic

Guardian 2013 Recommended…

Season’s Greetings All. Over the moon to be listed in the Guardian’s 2013 Recommended Self-Published Author list. Thanks to all who voted for me, and a huge thanks to the Guardian for running such a wonderful campaign, and for giving us independents a huge focus. Very much appreciated. My number of Twitter followers has increased overnight, and I’ve had requests for interviews by various industry people. It’s been a wonderful year for books sales and promotion, yet also very hard work to break through and reach the masses. This kind of exposure is a golden nugget of assistance, and really does help. Hope you’re all well and revving up for the season’s festivities. All the best, Dominic

eBook’s A Comin…

Hi all, hope you’ve enjoyed the lovely sunshine today. What a beautiful weekend. I’ve been indoors working on the final adaptations for the eBook to be created. Hope it will be out early August, and I’m planning a few goodies to help the online launch. Getting the eBook to market has taken too long, for which I am solely to blame, but this is a learning process and I’ll be quicker to the draw next time. Happy Sunday evening, have a great week, and catch up v soon. All the best, Dominic

And now – phase two…

Hi All, I hope this posting finds you well. I’m delighted to say my daily writing target of 2,000 words has achieved the aim and finally, after two and a bit months, produced the beginning-to-end story and plot. It’s by no means the finished article. It still needs a huge amount of work, endless polishing, tweaking and tightening, but the essence is there, and the key points, emotions and structure are set. Needless to say, I’m immensely pleased. Now comes the next stage, the daily polish and attention to detail, that will hopefully take it another step closer to being the edgy, fast-paced thriller I want it to be. The manuscript will go in for its first-stage edit on May 1st, which I am really excited about. In the meantime, there’s the no small matter of still promoting/pushing the first book, which I’m delighted to say is receiving good reviews and feedback. Lots to do, a huge amount still to learn, and loving every moment. Hope alls good and that you have nice weekends planned. Bye for now, Dominic

The First Ten Chapters In Reasonable Shape

Hi Everyone, apologies for not posting for several days, its been rather hectic here with book events planning and the setting up of distribution lines, which have been promising but not yet cemented. I have still been writing 2000 words a day (honest!), but I often finish late at night, by which time I’ve run out of steam and the blog suffers. Hands up – guilty as tried! The good news is that the early draft has sufficient word count and action to go to the next stage – the polishing and honing of the work. I am pleased with developments, and the action, and the pace, but there’s still one hell of a way to go til its ready for stage one edit. I have also decided that from now on, this blog will be free of any clues and giveaways as to the action in book two, as I don’t want to spoil the story at all. I’d like to end by mentioning that tomorrow Thursday 7th March is World Book day. Bookshops around the world will be holding events, and working with schools, colleges etc, to again promote the wonders of books in all shapes and forms. So please checkout It’s a wonderful global event, that always inspires people of all ages. Catch up again tomorrow, take care, and go on – treat yourself to a book, you deserve it! All the best, Dominic

It’s A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll

For those who know me, you won’t be surprised at me listening to AC/DC at any hour of the day or night. In previous blogs I’ve extolled the virtues of Metallica and Soundgarden as audible writing companions, and today I found another, while scrolling through my iTunes library. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved AC/DC since I was a nipper, and enlisted the timeless help of Hell’s Bells and Back in Black to get inspiration for the bad characters in my books. But the track Its A Long Way…? It’s perhaps my fav AC/DC track of all time, it just always struck me as being not quite dark enough. But how wrong I was proven. It has that classic raw edge and the fantastic, gritty vocals of Bon Scott (RIP) to give it an urban streetwise feel. And bagpipes too. All in all a rythmn that suits tapping away at the keyboard. And though they are the biggest and most successful rock act ever to come out of Australia, this song tells of the woes of the early days, of gigging on the road, of the endless travel, of getting ripped off by managers and promoters. It is a hell of a long way to the top, but boy did they make it. They wanted it so very much, failure was not an option, and an unbending streetwise desire saw them over the line. Bon, Angus, Malcolm, Phil and Cliff, thank you for the music and endless inspiration. Now, how about I write a mopre personalised version – Its a long way to the top if you wanna write a book? Think its got legs? Adios for now.

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