31st January 2013 – A tentative peak into the future!

Yep, a crack-of-dawn stint then a late afternoon charge, aided by the wonderful tones of Metallica’s Death Magnetic album, propelled me to my goal – the hallowed 2000 words. Listening to ‘End of the line’ (just one of the album’s awesome power tracks) it’s hard to write about young romantics skipping through fields of golden corn, hand-in-hand, disappearing towards a clear blue nightingale inhabited sky. And that’s fine, because book two is now getting darker. Its as if it has its own energy and path. The corn-fields have been ravaged, and the nightingales have fled to pasteurs new. For the landscape of book two is a descending whirlpool of decipt, revenge and continued betrayal, a huge powder-keg of bad energy, about to explode on the wrong side of one of the longest and most hotly contested borders in the world. Thank you again for your messages and encouragement. I’ve now written 18,000 words in two weeks. The blog challenge is working. Hope you’re all well. More tomorrow. Best wishes and bon soir. Dom

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